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vScaler provides HPC customers with a dedicated, application specific HPC cloud platform, deployed with existing in-house expertise and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud solutions.


Setting up a traditional cluster from bare metal, can take days, weeks or months. Our solution allows users or departments to spin up dedicated clusters on demand in a few simple clicks. With our HPC-on-Demand functionality, the process of spinning up an OpenHPC Cluster, running an MPI application and then bringing down the cluster again – all within minutes!


Our platform runs on Openstack; a leading open source IaaS provider, which powers many of the world’s most notable science and research organisations. We remove the deployment complexity issues presented by OpenStack, and provide our clients with a customised man- agement portal that allows you to manage your entire infrastructure from a single interface. This enables your in-house team to develop their own skills and ultimately build upon your own cloud solution, while offering a dedicated support team in whatever capacity you need them. You only pay for what you use while developing your own skills in the same process – clearly a more cost-effective approach to traditional cloud platforms.


See HPC-on-Demand for yourself in our short demo video above. Contact us to arrange a free live demonstration!