Converged HPC, Big Data and Cloud Platform

What is vScaler?

vScalerTM provides the ecosystem to address today's challenges around cloud adoption and implementation for High Performance Computing

vScaler simplifies data centre infrastructure by integrating HPC, Big Data and Cloud resources into a converged platform that is capable of running any application at any scale. vScaler enables agile sys-admin teams to quickly deploy scalable, production-ready private cloud environments/big data analytical platforms and traditional HPC clusters all under one management portal.


vScaler has been engineered by a team of HPC, Finance, Broadcast & Media experts to bring a finely tuned, application specific, cloud platform to the market. Choose a package that best suits your needs or contact us to discuss a customised solution.

vScaler Private

vScaler appliance that provides all the features and functionality of a converged HPC, Big Data and/or Private Cloud (IaaS) but in the security of your local data centre fully under your control and operation.

vScaler Public

Leverage our public offering which includes a dedicated dark fibre network and hardware platforms which have been optimised for specific verticals such as HPC, Broadcast & Media and Finance.

vScaler Hybrid

vScaler Hybrid has been engi- neered to provide burst capability to public clouds via a single-click. Leverage public offerings either from vScaler or providers like Amazon, Azure, Google and/or other Openstack clouds.

vScaler Connect


Formed from a secure dark fiber network that surrounds London and through a collaboration of global communication providers, vScaler Connect has the ability to deliver your data in a fast and secure way.

Our speed to deliver on data, recognised by leading organisations within Broadcast, Finance and HPC means our users can benefit from the flexibility, cost efficiency and improved resource sharing that cloud provides.

vScaler HPC on demand

vScaler HPC-on-Demand allows users or departments to spin up dedicated clusters on demand in a few simple clicks. vScaler leverages OpenStack Heat to orchestrate and streamline the creation of the entire cluster. First, it installs the head node with our cluster management system and the version of Linux that was specified. Next, it configures and installs all the compute nodes. After about 30 minutes the cluster is ready to use.


Login to the vScaler Website with your username and password and select the vScaler tab to launch the HPC on Demand section of the portal.


Define the number of nodes, the type of hardware of the virtual/ bare metal machines, choose the cluster software and the preferred scheduler.

Boot up

Click ‘Boot Cluster’ and go grab a coffee or a 30 minute nap. Once the cluster is online it can be accessed in the traditional way using SSH or the user GUI.

vScaler OS

vScaler OS is the software layer that provides the foundation for the vScaler stack. Our finely tuned cluster management software enables us to deploy clusters or clouds of any scale either on premise, in the cloud or across both in a hybrid model.

  • Our solution allows customers to build and configure:
  • HPC Cluster, including Hyper-converged HPC, with on demand parallel file system creation on the fly across compute nodes
  • Hadoop Clusters (using Hortonworks or Cloudera)
  • Clouds (using Openstack with Heat Orchestration for HPC on Demand)
  • Parallel file systems (using Lustre or BeeGFS)

vScaler Managed

Remote Cluster Administration Services

Enterprise IT leaders are facing business transformation pressures from multiple fronts, including new and evolving applications, regulatory requirements, security threats, business accountability, and line-of-business relationships. To help make this process easier we have launched vScaler Managed.

For vScaler Managed, we have created service level work packages. We implement a building block approach, as we acknowledge the diverse way in which our customers need to operate. All vScaler Managed service bundles are available on a 1 year license agreement and additional service bundles can be added at any time.

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